Section - 6 - Functions of executive and deputy executive directors

    (1) The executive director in co-operation with the technical staff of the Board and the implementing agencies shall

    (a) execute the functions of the Board and any other functions assigned by the Council;

    (b) appoint the appropriate implementing agencies to conduct research and analyse statistical information on local sources of raw materials to be used in substitution for imported inputs and to establish the percentage of the total cost representing imported raw materials unavailable locally;

    (c) develop an effective export promotion programme for small-scale industries and handicraft products;

    (d) interpret Government policies and programmes to interested organisations, groups and individuals;

    (e) identify opportunities possible for small-scale industries in urban and rural areas by contacting private and public companies in the Republic and identifying their requirements;

    (f) assess present and future manpower training requirements for small-scale industries;

    (g) identify constraints imposed on small-scale industries respecting high taxation, lack of credit, lack of borrowing facilities, high rates of interest and conflicting government policies for small-scale industries;

    (h) study and evaluate economic opportunities in various fields of small-scale industries and to establish the needs and objectives of organised groups at the regional, district and village levels;

    (i) help establish and maintain a data bank of knowledge relating to central, regional and district policies, strategies, action plans and programmes for the development of economic opportunities that contribute to or support small-scale industrial development;

    (j) assess or help determine the amounts of capital investment required for machinery, equipment, tools and the technical assistance required to support small-scale industries in co-operation with the appropriate technology institutes;

    (k) assess the level of technology, the skills of the technicians, the productive capacity of machines, the proper use of equipment and tools, the maximum utilization of existing methods of production for small-scale industrialists who have sought the help of the Board;

    (l) evaluate the present productivity of small-scale industries and devise, with the co-operation of existing technical research institutes ways and means to increase productivity; and

    (m) report and recommend to the Council actions taken in exercise of these functions.

    (2) The deputy executive director shall assist the executive director in the performance of functions assigned under this Act.