Section - 2 - Functions of the Board

    (1) The functions of the Board are

    (a) to establish the criteria that constitute a small-scale industry;

    (b) to identify and define the types of small-scale industries in the country;

    (c) to assist the Minister responsible for Industries in the development and support of small-scale industries;

    (d) to implement policies in relation to small-scale industries duly approved by the Government;

    (e) to design, develop and implement specific plans of action to meet the needs and expectations of organised groups;

    (f) to establish the infrastructure required to accelerate the implementation of policies or execution of programmes;

    (g) to organise field extension network that will identify projects, collect relevant data, disseminate information and provide feedback;

    (h) to render advice in relation to the approval of applications for the establishment of small-scale industries as well as advice on the approval of import licences for small-scale entrepreneurs;

    (i) to co-ordinate through the Minister responsible for Industries the efforts of agencies, Ministries and donor countries to ensure proper flow of information and avoidance of duplication of efforts and waste of material resources;

    (j) to encourage the formation of associations, co-operatives or groups and build industrial estates or any other organisations considered beneficial to small-scale industries development;

    (k) to control through the Ministry responsible for Industries the inflow and outflow of foreign aid and foreign loans granted by donor countries for the development of small-scale industries;

    (l) to monitor through the Ministry responsible for Industries, the utilization of funds derived from Ghana Government budget and subsidies earmarked for small-scale industries;

    (m) to approve the funding of projects for amounts within the financial limits determined by the Minister responsible for Industries;

    (n) to appoint agencies which shall implement specific programmes in the areas of finance, technology and management development, define their role and determine their responsibilities and duties;

    (o) to assign to the appropriate agencies the implementation of projects and programmes commensurate with their ability to implement the projects and programmes;

    (p) to assist the implementing agencies to improve their capabilities and overcome their weaknesses so as to provide better service to the organised groups;

    (q) to ensure that all assignments delegated to the implementing agencies are duly fulfilled;

    (r) to ensure that programmes related to the development of small-scale industries meet the national objectives.

    (2) Any other organisation shall not perform a function mentioned in subsection (1) without prior consultation with, and approval in writing of, the Board.