Section - 27 - Annual report

    (1) The Board shall, as soon as possible after the expiration of each financial year but within six months after the termination of that year, submit to the Minister an annual report dealing generally with the activities and operations of the Scheme within that year which shall, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing include-

    (a) a copy of the audited accounts of the Scheme together with the Auditor-General's report thereon;

    (b) each report submitted by the Internal Auditor under section 18 of this Act in relation to that financial year; and

    (c) such other information as the Minister may request.

    (2) A copy of the annual report shall be forwarded by the Board to-

    (a) Parliament;

    (b) the Minister;

    (c) the Minister responsible for Finance and Economic Planning;

    (d) the Minister responsible for Labour, Youth and Social Welfare;

    (e) the Minister responsible for Education, Culture and Sports;

    (f) the Minister responsible for Agriculture;

    (g) Minister responsible for Health;

    (h) the Minister responsible for Defence; and

    (i) the Minister responsible for Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives.