WILLS ACT - 1971 (ACT 360)

    Section - 13 - Provision for Dependants.

    (1) If, upon application being made, not later than three years from the date upon which probate of the will is granted, the High Court is of the opinion that a testator has not made reasonable provision whether during his lifetime or by his will, for the maintenance of any father, mother, spouse or child under 18 years of age of the testator, and that hardship will thereby be caused, the High Court may, taking account of all relevant circumstances, notwithstanding the provisions of the will, make reasonable provision for the needs of such father, mother, spouse or child out of the estate of the deceased.

    (2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), such reasonable provision may include-

    (a) payment of a lump sum, whether immediate or deferred, or grant of an annuity or a series of payments;

    (b) grant of an estate or interest in immovable property for life or any lesser period.